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Energiser Green Tea - 200g

Medicinal Tea 

  • Blend of Gingko, Ginseng and White Kratom 
  • Energy boost 
  • Mental clarity & focus 
  • Add honey to taste 


Ingredients: Organic Mushrooms: Reishi, Cordyceps, Chade, Lions Mane & 100% Organic Green Tea

Collections: Home page, Medicinal Plants, Medicinal Tea

Category: Anti-Ageing, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Diabetic, anti-inflammatory, Anti-Tumour, Antioxidant, Asthma, Boosts Brain Power, Boosts Energy, Boosts Immune System, Boosts Mental Clarity, Bullet Proof Immunity, Cognitive Improvement, Dementia, Depression, Erectile Dysfunction, Headaches, Heart Health, Home page, Inflammation, Inflammation Control, Lower Blood Sugar, Medicinal Plants, Medicinal Tea, Migraine, Mood Enhancer, PMS, Protects the Heart, Relieves anxiety, Relieves pain, Rich in Antioxidants, Sexual Dysfunction, Supports Eye Health

Type: Tea

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