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Ultra Potent 

Derived from the Greek noo (mind), and French trope (change), Nootropic aims to change your mind by enhancing functions like memory or attention. 

Our product contains a combination of naturally occurring substances that protect your brain from toxins and aging. 

Nootropic also stimulates neurons and increases blood and oxygen flow to your brain, to improve your attention span and other areas of cognitive functioning. 

Main benefits:

  • Green Kratom boosts mental focus
  • Cordyceps improves cognitive performance
  • Lion’s Mane keeps your mind fit
  • May increase alpha waves in the brain for a relaxed yet alert mental state
  • May repair and renew brain cells

100% Organic

90 x 600mg - Gel caps 

Ingredients: Lions Mane mushroom, Cordyceps mushroom, Green Kratom, Green Tea 

Collections: Home page, Medicinal Mushrooms, Medicinal Plants, Raw Earth Organics

Category: Anti-Ageing, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Diabetic, anti-inflammatory, Anti-Tumour, Antioxidant, Boosts Brain Health, Boosts Brain Power, Boosts Energy, Boosts Mental Clarity, Cognitive Improvement, Diabetes, Fat Burner, Heart Health, Home page, Hypoglycemic, Inflammation, Inflammation Control, Medicinal Mushrooms, Medicinal Plants, Pain Killer, Prevents Cancer, Prevents Diabetes, Protects the Heart, Raw Earth Organics, Relieves anxiety, Relieves pain, Rich in Antioxidants, Supports Eye Health, Treats Anxiety, Weight loss

Type: Capsules

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